Managing Teams First Entry

My name is Nicolas Douet. I’m currently following the International Negotiation track and I expect to become a manager during my career. Next semester, I will be working at EY Luxembourg as a trainee in the learning departments. I have always liked to talk and help people to go through their personal challenges. I think that a manager must be able to listen and find concrete solutions to help his team. To create cohesion in a team, the manager must understand the needs of each member of the team. Then, a manager must have concrete negotiation skills to find the issues and create a positive outcome for his team. This is why I think that I already have management skills. Through my experiences as Vice-President in two associations, I have already managed people and we have created strong cohesion inside our team. Today, I want to learn concrete management skills, to be able to be prepared for tomorrow. Each situation is different and I believe that we should be prepared to manage these environments.

I think that during my career I will be a manager. And to be a good manager I must be prepared to find solutions during conflict, to create cohesion, to guide a team to achieve and surpass our objectives. I want to know every aspects of the manager in companies and learn techniques or tools that will help me to be a good manager.

According to the Belbins Team Roles, I am a coordinator. It is true that I like to delegate and coordinate people. Indeed, during my last internship I used to coordinate departments when projects that involved several departments, were released. Moreover, I used to manage the planning and the events of the associations I worked for. A coordinator must be calm and patient but also have to take decisions on the right moment. I think I am a coordinator. Furthermore, the Belbins Team Roles suggest as secondaries traits, that I am a shaper and a team worker. Indeed, I sometime I push my teams to achieve our goals but i’m also a dynamic worker and I know when I have to let the lead to support my team.

During this week, i hope I will be able to learn concrete management skills but also develop a flexible behavior to be able to be a multi-role person. Indeed, I wish to have stronger specialist and implementor skills. However, I will also have to work on my management abilities to be stronger and go through challenges with my future teams.

Then, first of all, I will observe and learn the practices and the management theories. I will met my new coworkers and establish good relationship with them. Then I will find my place in the team and try to take a role without neglecting my other strengths. Finally I will do  my best to be sure that everyone in the team has found his place to avoid conflicts and misunderstanding. Thus, I hope I will be able to use my new knowledge in a concrete situation.


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